April Nugent was born in Portland, Oregon, the elder of two siblings.  She moved from Portland at 24 years old to Virginia where she resides today fifteen years later.

April worked in the public eye for most of her working career.  With her outgoing character, she has been able to engage people from all lifestyles.  She has an infectious personality and a captivating sense of humor. 

April knew she always wanted to write. In middle as well as high school, she excelled at creative writing and art classes.  She continued her writing aspirations by taking a few courses in college but didn't set her own novels in motion until after her daughter was born in 2009.  Throughout her adult years, she has encountered a variety of people with whom she has worked with as well as acquaintances in her personal life that have inspired and supported her vivid imagination. Utilizing all of the tools of life, her thoughts, memories, humor, and challenges presents her with a variety of story lines for her books.  Being a stay-at-home mom has allowed time for her to express herself in her writings and to achieve this life-long goal of being an author.

Besides writing, she also enjoys other forms of art and expression.  She occupies some of her pass time with genealogy, woodworking, stained glass, traveling, photography and other crafts.  She also makes time to hike and swim in addition to her morning boot camp workouts.  She is active in many seasonal sports and outdoor activities such as boating & skiing when time permitted.

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