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Writing Samples: Cascade Hearts
"You Never Know What's Going To Happen On Cascade Hearts!"
Even though she appears content...  Samantha, a restaurant co-owner and chef, finds herself needing a retreat from her daily life.  Her best friend, Jen, allows her the much needed break to her mountain cabin.  Will she find the release she needs?
Stephen, a gorgeous and successful author from the city, seeks out his own sense of solitude and privacy by escaping to the very same mountain community.  Will his no-nonsense attitude and lack of commitment towards woman get him in trouble?
There, in the snowy mountains... would they both find peace, tranquility, and... "New Friends?" 
Samantha's estranged husband, after being released from prison, suddenly appears.
How will this affect the paths of these three lives?

Chapter 1 - The beginning...
Samantha awoke to the beautiful hustle and bustle of the city.  Brakes are screeching and horns blaring from the cars below and the whizzing sounds of the early commuters making their way along the viaduct reminds her why she does what she does for a living.  She lay there; lingering for a few more solitary moments before her day begins, realizing all these familiar, yet ambient, noises are laced with complex emotions of impatience and anxiety.  The more pleasant sounds of the market below her loft take over her senses and she begins to focus on the elevated voices between vendor and customer, employer and employee and neighboring shop operators.  Intermixed with sounds are also the smells of the fresh bread baking with a hint of yeast.  In the forefront was the strong aroma of coffee... "Coffee?  It smells much to strong to be coming from outside."  she thought to herself, so she got up to see who was enchanting her kitchen.

Speeding Hearts
"The Raceway to Love!"
June Gaddison also known as Jay grew up, playing under the hood of cars and fixing them, while other girls her age were playing with dolls.  She had a no-non-sense edge about her that made her fit well with the large number of men in her life.  June quit her job, working in a racing pit crew, a year prior to buy the mechanic shop from her dad and allow him to go into full retirement.  Everything in her life was running smoothly until a visit from an old racer friend, now race car owner, Chase Abrahams, who was there to recruit her help.  Will the reunion of old friends be more than they both bargain for?

Chapter 1 -
It was another scorching day, in the month of June, down in Glencoe, Florida.  The humidity was a hundred percent and it wasn't looking like tomorrow was going to be any different.  June Gaddison welcomed the afternoon thundershowers as the rumble and snap could be felt and seen near the Jay & Busters Auto Shop.  June and Buster, her faithful canine companion, looked out of the garage doorway and watched the pelting rain.
"Well Buster, you could go fetch your ball that's in the driveway."   She pointed at the neon tennis ball sitting in a pool of water.
Buster just looked at her then turned around to find a cool spot on the cement.
"You have no balls Buster." June chuckled.
Buster grunts and covers his head with his paws.
"That's right, don't remind me I had you neutered."
June rolled her eyes and walked back under the car perched on the lift.  She unscrewed the oil drain plug from a bright red MX-5 Miata and while it drained, she did her usual check on the tires and pads.  It was a newer sports car so she took her time to admire the mechanics underneath the car.  She put the plug back in then lowered the lift to refill the car with fresh oil then checked the filters, coolant, brake, power steering, and transmission fluid.  Everything looked the way it was suppose to as June takes great pride in her work.  That's what brings her customer's back as well as her honest, up-front approach.
"She is a beaut." She muttered to herself.
"A real beaut!"  She turned her head to look at her father Buzz and smiled then closed the hood and wiped off any trace of fingerprints to make it shine.
"She is that.  What are you doing here?"
"Thought I would see if you wanted some help."
"Dad you are retired.  Do you know what retirement is?"
"Apparently I don't because all I think about is this place."
She rolled her eyes "You need to get your ass on that boat of yours and go fishing.  That is what retired people do."
"Do you want to go fishing with me?"
She laughed then realized his buddies still work.  "Dad I am sorry.  Maybe you retired too early.  If you are bored, come back here part time."

More stories to come...

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